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Last Film Show” for me is a cinematic mission.

The disappearance of all things called film in 2009 had shattered all my celluloid dreams. My heart remains broken for almost a decade.


When the world took away the film from me; it was almost like taking away the red or blue or yellow color from an artist who paints. How can an artist be forever red-less or blue-less!


But since, I’ve made peace with the world made up of 0s and 1s. I’ve entered the digital domain and embraced virtual reality to revere the human spirit of innovations.

But still, why am I so deeply emotional about some light-sensitive emulsion stuck on plastic!


I started digging deep within me to find some answers. It all started when I saw my first film - and since there has been that constant obsession to catch the light!


That physical light, which lens gathers,

That physical light, which aperture controls,

That physical light, which shutter cuts,

That physical light, which film records.


In “Last Film Show” I plan to celebrate that recorded light, which often creates havoc in the human mind –and heart.


Last Film Show will be a festivity of films within each frame; haunting lights, shadows, optical illusions, darkness, and then vast open spaces bathing in sunlight. I plan to garnish each image with top-notch aesthetics. Each composition nourishes the human spirit of each character; meanwhile, each camera move breathes life into kinetic patterns of narration.


Earthy sound is carefully recorded on location to evoke an organic soundscape. Be it soothing sounds from nature or mechanical sounds from a factory; it is all intricately designed to create the music to the mind. Because the only music Last Film Show will have is music that exists in sounds of everyday life.


The pace of the film almost imitates real-life –and real-time; sometimes dynamic, sometimes contemplative, and sometimes energetic. The edit will cut and control time in order to create the seamlessness within the unfolding of the story.


Overall, it’s one emotional cinematic roller-coaster ride where every moment comes straight from the heart -and the treatment from the guts. A kind poem on timelessness where the time in itself has been unkind.


And ultimately an honest attempt at holistic storytelling, which is based on true lies.

- Pan Nalin (Paris 01.05.2019)


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